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    Ensure Orginial 8oz Bottles

    Manufacturer: Ensure

    ENSURE ORIGINAL THERAPEUTIC NUTRITION can benefit patients who have malnutrition, are at nutritional risk, or are experiencing involuntary weight loss. For oral use only. For interim sole-source nutrition. Use under medical supervision.



    • Complete, Balanced Nutrition®.
    • Good source of protein (9 g/8 fl oz).
    • 27 vitamins and minerals.
    • Excellent source (320 mg/8 fl oz) of plant-based omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, 20% of 1.6 g DV) to support heart health.
    • 25% DV of Vitamin D to support bone health.
    • #1 Doctor-recommended brand.
    • Kosher.
    • Halal.
    • Gluten-free.
    • Suitable for lactose intolerance.



    • Not for IV use.
    • Not suitable for people with galactosemia.