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    Terms and Conditions

    Shipping Policy

    Shipping Policy (Our Truck)

    Free freight on orders over $450. Under $450 is a $50 shipping and handling charge


    Shipping policy (common carrier)

    If you request it to be shipped by common carrier outside of our delivery area or a time other than your scheduled delivery we charge the going rate. Most items will ship UPS but we also ship small items USPS.


    Returns Policy

    Items must be in original packaging and be able to be resold. Under 60 days no restocking fee. 60-90 days 20% restocking fee. 90-120 days 40% restocking free. No returns accepted after 120 days. Returns must be preauthorized.

    Special order items

    Under 60 days 30% fee, 60-90 days 45% fee. No returns accepted for special order items after 90 day.


    Account Policies

    To qualify for discounts and promotions, your account must be current. Past due accounts may be subject to interest charges, which can go up to 21%. In cases where interest is charged, no terms will be provided for invoices related to fees and interest. Payments will be applied first to fees and interest charges before addressing regular invoices.

    We do accept credit cards but there is a credit card fee of up to 4% of the total.