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    Foam tubing, 8PCS(4 Sizes)

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    • foam tubing:cylindrical foam,foam utensil grips,Suitable for toothbrushes, spoons, forks, silverware, razors, pens, pencils,writing aids for disabled adults,etc. comfortable grip for those needing assistance such as individuals with ALS, Parkinson's Disease, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome,arthritis,grip build up Very helpful;
    • foam tube grip:Made of high density NBR material,built up handles durable,easy grip utensils adults Can be used repeatedly,foam handle grip washable,utensil adapters The dishwasher is safe
    • The package contains 4 different sizes foam tube,Applicable built up utensils,According to built up grips/grip tubing length,Cut with scissors foam tubing grip
    • foam grips for utensils,For the elderly and those with poor palm control,adaptive feeding It is not easy to slide off the hand, so it can reduce a lot of troubles.
    • Each pack has 8 strips, 2 red strips, 2 blue strips, 2 green strips, 2 yellow, strips grip foam tubing. Red: 11.8*1.26*0.86 inch / Blue: 11.8*1.15*0.60 inch / Green: 11.8*1.00*0.24 inch / Yellow:11.8*0.79*0.35 inch, (Length * Outer Diameter * Inner Diameter),Measurement error±1mm