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    Looney Tunes™ Adhesive Bandages 3/4 x 3

    Manufacturer: Dukal
    • Featuring kid's favorite characters including Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
    • Unique Stat Strip® wrapper opening technology
    • Perforated, breathable bandage
    • Absorbent, non-stick pad for easy removal
    • Multi-purpose family protection for cuts and scrapes

    Save time and decrease infection risk by reducing potential skin contact with Dukal’s easy-to-open technology.

    Dukal’s Stat Strip® Adhesive Bandages’ specifically designed wrapper makes hygienic application as easy as grip, pull, apply – even with gloves. 

    1. Grip - Grip both ends of the wrapper firmly.
    2. Pull - Pull to open and expose one side of the adhesive bandage.
    3. Apply - Apply exposed side of bandage to skin, and pull to apply the other end.
    SKU: DUK1075737
    Manufacturer part number: 1075737