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    Procare Washcloth SCT SFT PK 6/96

    Manufacturer: ProCare
    SKU: FQPCRW-096
    Manufacturer part number: CRW-096
    Availability: In stock

    Sometimes a gentle wipe is needed and ProCare Adult Wet Wipes get the job done with effective and safe results. Perfect for a soothing experience that doesn’t consist of rough, often irritating material that can lead to or exacerbate uncomfortable conditions. The packaging offers easy, one handed delivery reducing a cumbersome grab that can lead to unnecessary fumbling.

    Benefits of ProCare Adult Wet Wipes include:

    • No latex
    • Clinically tested
    • Fully disposable
    • Large 12”x 8” pre-moistened sheet
    • Strong, no “poke-thru” material
    • No irritating, stinging alcohol
    • Easy one-handed flip top
    • Inter-folded one at a time delivery which reduces cross-contamination

    ProCare Adult Wet Wipes are affordable, large, gentle wipes that you can trust for personal or caretaker worry-free cleanup.

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