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    Tranquility Bariatric Briefs

    Manufacturer: Tranquility
    3X Large
    3X Large High Rise
    4X 5X Large

    Tranquility Bariatric Briefs

    Tranquility is a pioneer of bariatric incontinence care, as the first manufacturer to offer a plus-sized diaper for adults. Over the years, finding new ways of caring for bariatric individuals has become a focus for our business. Tranquility bariatric diapers and related adult incontinence care products provide the ideal combination of maximum leakage protection and comfort, featuring options like 100% breathable materials and stretchy side panels that comfortably fit up to a 108” waist. We are one of the most popular brands for bariatric diapers and supplementary products, and are ideal for those experiencing heavy to severe loss of bladder control and bowel incontinence.

    Tranquility Premium HI-Rise Bariatric Briefs

    In addition to the features of our original Bariatric Brief, the Tranquility Premium HI-Rise Bariatric Brief provides full-stretch comfort in a 3XL size with higher coverage than other diapers for the perfect plus-sized fit. They are designed with additional material that rises above the waist in the front, providing you extra assurance that you are protected. Breathable, stretchy side panels comfortably fit up to 96” waist measurements.

    HI-Rise Bariatric Briefs offer additional security and coverage in a high-rise fit, if you experience heavy to severe loss of bladder or bowel control.

    Tranquility Premium AIR-Plus Bariatric Briefs

    In addition to the benefits of our original Bariatric Brief, Tranquility Premium AIR-Plus Bariatric Briefs provide other features for complete skin health protection with our largest of the bariatric sizes, with a 4-5XL plus-sized fit.

    Protect your skin from damaging moisture with 100% breathable materials that allow heat, humidity and moisture vapor to escape and air to circulate. This is especially important where skin can fold and trap in damaging heat and moisture.

    Among the largest and most comfortable briefs available, they are designed with fully breathable stretch sides for a true 108″ maximum waist size. Four closure tabs can be opened and re-closed to provide a customized fit and make it easy to check before changing.

    These are the plus-sized brief of choice if you experience skin issues due to heavy to severe loss of bladder or bowel control.

    Item Number Waist Size Absorbency Quantity
    2190 64"-96" 34oz 32
    2192 64"-96" 34oz