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    Tranquility Premium OverNight Disposable Absorbent Underwear

    Manufacturer: Tranquility
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    Tranquility® Premium OverNight™ Underwear give you maximum protection for leak-free nights. It starts with unique Kufguards® that guide urine to the core, even when you are lying down. Fluid is quickly absorbed into the carefully designed premium superabsorbent core, which holds and locks in up to 34 oz of urine Why 34 oz? The average adult releases 8-12 oz (1-1.5 cups) when they “go.” This provides ample capacity for those who void multiple times at night. Most importantly, the fluid stays in the core and will not be squeezed out, even if you move around in your sleep – keeping you and your sheets dry. In addition to maximum fluid capacity in the core, the breathable sides also help keep your skin dry by allowing heat and humidity to escape and air to flow in and out. Your premium sleep experience also includes clothlike material that is gentle against your skin and quiet when you move, with a moisture-proof backing that ensures fluid will not leak through. Our soft leg elastics combined with a form-fitting elastic waistband creates a secure fit. In the morning, just pull off the product like regular underwear, or if needed, use the tear-away side seams for easy removal.

    • Breathable Sides
    • Kufguards®
    • Clothlike
    • Latex-Free

    X-SMALL 17'- 28' PBE2113 4 PACKS OF 22
    SMALL 22'- 36