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    Adult Two Button Folding Walker, 1 each


    Dynarex’s Two-Button Walkers are an ideal and dependable solution for those who require a supportive yet durable aid for their daily activities. The easy-to-use push button mechanism allows for opening and closing with the user’s fingers or palms. The walker’s height can be adjusted with a tool-free push button, providing additional stability.

    Elongated Raised Toilet Seat with Arms, White, 1pcs/box


    The Dynarex Elongated Raised Toilet Seat with Arms is a lightweight, reliable option for post-surgical patients and individuals with difficulty sitting or bending. Ideal for use in a variety of settings to promote restroom safety and independence.

    DynaRest Multi-Zone Foam Pressure Mattress -36"x 80"


    The DynaRest Multi-Zone Foam Pressure Mattress is constructed from comfortable high-density foam with multiple zones to reduce shear friction, facilitate air flow, and help prevent pressure wounds. Ideal for use at home and in a wide range of healthcare facilities.

    • Horizontal precision-cut high-density foam with pressure redistribution zones
    • Meets 16 CFR 1632 and 16 CFR 1633 standards
    • Weight capacity 350 lb.
    • 3-year Limited Foam Warranty, 1-year Cover Warranty
    • Product Dimensions 80.0" L x 36.0" W x 6.0" H

    Ever-Soft Air Cushion - 18 X 16 X 2in, 18" X 16" X 2", 1pc/box

    The Dynarex Ever-Soft Air Cushion relieves the pain of pressure injuries by providing optimal pressure redistribution across the surface area of the cushion. The cushion features independent, interconnected air cells that provides deep immersion for users with limited seat tolerance. The included cushion cover provides patients with a low-shear surface with a non-skid bottom and adjustable locking straps that help keep the cushion securely in place. Ideal for use in homecare and long-term care settings.
    • Helps prevent and manage pressure injuries
    • 2-inch or 4-inch interconnected, independent air cells allow for deep immersion into the cushion
    • Includes removable, low-shear, vapor permeable cover with non-skid bottom
    • Hand pump helps adjust the inflation of the cushion
    • Convenient, adjustable strap secures to wheelchair
    • Available in numerous sizes and adjustable air cell heights
    • Includes convenient repair kit for quick fixes
    • Weight capacity 300 lb.
    • 2-Year Limited Warranty
    • Meets CAL 117-2013
    • Compare to Drive Medical 8047-16-2, Medline MSC1S1515L, Proactive 78001

    Povidone Iodine Prep Pad, Medium, 100/BX


    Dynarex Povidone Iodine Prep Pads are packaged in convenient, easy to tear pouches. These Povidone Iodine Prep Pad are an ideal antiseptic for skin preparation prior to any minor invasive procedure.

    • Ideal for antiseptic skin preparation, venipuncture, IV starts, renal dialysis, pre-op prepping and other minor invasive procedures
    • Each pad is saturated with 10% povidone iodine solution
    • Povidone iodine is a broad-range antimicrobial that reduces bacteria and microorganisms on the skin.

    Facial Tissues, 8" x 7", 100/bx

    Dynarex Facial Tissues are designed to be soft and delicate for sensitive skin.

    Hand Sanitizer, 8 oz - round squeeze bottle

    Dynarex Sannytize Hand Sanitizer is an alcohol-based disinfectant designed to eliminate more than 99% of germs and bacteria. The liquid formula is infused with aloe to help soothe and moisturize skin.

    Retractable Tape Measure, 72", 6/bx

    The Dynarex Retractable Tape Measure is a small pocket-sized tool. With a measurement length of 72-inches (182cm), this tape measure is suited to measure circumferences or the lengths of wounds or limbs. The easy visualization allows for quick accurate measurements.
    • Both inches and centimeters
    • Flexible for easier readings
    • Measures up to '72.
    • Retractable

    Oval Eye Pads, Sterile, 1 5/8" x 2 5/8", 50/bx

    Dynarex Eye Pads are sterile, oval-shaped pads designed to fit in the contours of the eye cavity. These premium Eye Pads are packed with cotton fill and covered with a soft mesh for optimum comfort. The EyePads can be held in place by Dynarex Eye Pad Strips.

    Triangular Bandages, 40" x 40" x 56", 12/Bx

    Dynarex Triangular Bandages are versatile, multi-functional bandages designed to safely and efficiently protect and support wounds and muscle injuries. These premium Bandages come with two safety pins to provide secure closure, improved support, and optimal adaptability.

    Specimen Containers - Sterile, (individually wrapped), 4 oz.


    Dynarex Specimen Containers are designed for the efficient collection of patient samples. The Containers are designed with a screw-on cap for a secure fit and feature a frosted writing area for easy identification. 

    Dynarex Specimen Containers are constructed from premium-quality plastic materials for safe and efficient specimen collection. Each Specimen Container comes equipped with a screw-on cap for secure closure. A frosted writing area allows for easy identification for added convenience. The disposable Containers are designed for single use for optimal safety and hygiene. 

    • Premium-quality plastic containers designed for safe and efficient specimen collection 
    • Features screw-on cap for secure fit
    • Frosted writing area on each container allows for easy identification 
    • Sterile containers with tamper-evident tabs and ID labels
    • Single-use and disposable for optimal hygiene 
    • Not made with natural rubber latex or DEHP

    Enteral Delivery Gravity Bag Set - with ENFit connector, 30/Cs

    ENFit connections on our Enteral Delivery Sets help to improve patient safety

    Twin Blade Razors, 50/bx

    Twin-blade razor allows for a comfortable, affordable shave.

    Gait Belt - plastic buckle, 60" x 2" multi color

    Dynarex Gait Belts are premium-quality assistive devices designed to help provide improved stability and safety for patient transfers. Crafted from durable cotton materials, these high-quality Belts provide a secure hold for added stability during movement.

    Toothbrushes, Adult 30 Tuft, Ivory, 24/bx

    The Dynarex Toothbrushes are ideal for long term care facilities, nursing homes and hospitals. Each toothbrush is sealed in a clear poly bag and offer an unbreakable flat plastic handle with a 30 tuft head.
    • Ivory colored, premium-quality toothbrushes crafted from durable plastic materials 
    • Soft bristles with multiple tuft heads provide comfortable, effective brushing 
    • Flat handles allow for steady grip and improved control 
    • Individually sealed in clear poly bag for optimal hygiene
    • Ideal for use in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and at home 

    Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer


    The Dynarex Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer accurately measures body temperature in only one second with no need for direct skin contact, so you always stay safe and secure. This convenient forehead thermometer fits easily in any purse or travel bag so it’s perfect for screenings in restaurants, offices, schools, or medical offices. You can even set it to measure the temperature of objects or surfaces in your home. This infrared forehead thermometer stores up to 32 temperature readings and features an LCD backlit screen.

    • Non-Contact detection, probe can be positioned 1-2 inches away from forehead
    • Easy 1 button operation
    • 1 second measurement
    • Suounds can be turned On/Off
    • 32 readings memory recall

    Blood Pressure Kit - Dual Head Stethoscope

    Designed to be an all-in-one kit for taking one's blood pressure. Convenient and economical.

    Blood Pressure Kit - Single Head Stethoscope

    Designed to be an all-in-one kit for taking one's blood pressure. Convenient and economical.

    Pillow Cases White T/P, 21 x 30, 100/cs

    • Dynarex Disposable Pillow Cases are single-use, 2-ply coverings designed to help guard against spills and stains and help reduce the risk of infection. The non-woven, lightweight Pillow Cases are soft and breathable for improved patient comfort.

    Oral Swabsticks

    Gently Clean, Moisten, and Refresh the Patient’s Mouth, Teeth, and Gums.

    Nail Clippers

    Dynarex Nail and Toenail Clippers are constructed of a high quality stainless steel with an integrated nail file.

    Shaving Cream

    Thick lather for a more comfortable shave for hospital, nursing home, and care facility patients.

    Elastic Tape


    Clear Surgical Tape




    Vitamins A&D Ointments

    Dynarex Vitamins A&D Ointment is formulated to protect and heal skin while preventing dryness. The ointment acts as a moisture barrier to protect and promote healthy skin, while treating and preventing dryness, minor skin irritations, and diaper rash.

    Stretch Gauze Bandages

    Dynarex Stretch Gauze Bandages are comfortable bandages ideal for primary and secondary wound care in both professional and home environments. Unique knit construction conforms to the body and offers ideal compression strength without constricting the area.

    5000 cups per case





    Ideal for constipation relief or for bowel cleansing before a medical examination or procedure.

    SiliGentle Bordered Foam Dressings

    Highly absorbent dressings with a vapor permeable waterproof film to lock away exudate to minimize pain and trauma.

    SiliGentle Foam Dressings-No Border

    Highly absorbent dressings with a vapor permeable waterproof film to lock away exudate to minimize pain and trauma.

    DynaRide Series 2 Wheelchairs

    The DynaRide Series 2 Wheelchairs allow you to get around with ease and enjoy a smooth ride every time.

    DynaGo Advantage Rollator

    Dynarex DynaGo Advantage rollators feature a durable steel design that provides users with independence and comfort. The ergonomic design accommodates a range of mobility needs while offering affordability and convenience. Ideal for home-use, hospitals, long-term care facilities, and rehabilitation facilities.

    Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

    Accurate digital blood pressure readings, convenient and easy to use.

    Digital Thermometers

    The Dynarex Digital Thermometer provides fast and accurate oral or axillary temperature measurements displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. The audible alert sounds when the reading is complete for user convenience.

    Ultrasound Gel

    Used to complete ultrasounds expertly while remaining non-greasy and hypoallergenic.

    Bariatric Wheelchairs With Elevating Leg Rest

    The Dynarex Bari+Max Wheelchair with Elevating Leg Rest provides reliable support and improved mobility for larger users. The heavy-duty steel frame with dual cross brace for extra support allows patients to feel secure and stable. The Wheelchair is equipped with tool-free adjustable elevating leg rests with padded calf pads, and detachable arms with padded arm rests.

    Wound Closure Strips - Sterile

    Adhesive backed, non-woven wound closure strips provide support following early suture/staple removal.

    Ever-Soft Pommel Wedge Gel-Foam Cushions


    The Dynarex Ever-Soft Pommel Gel Foam Cushion is a foam and gel wheelchair cushion designed to help prevent and manage pressure injuries in wheelchair-bound patients. The comfortable, corrective cushion is designed to help prevent forward sliding and acts as a built-in leg abductor.

    Sharps Containers


    The Dynarex Sharps Containers are durable, puncture-resistant containers designed for the safe disposal of used medical needles and other medical instruments. The lightweight containers feature wide openings that accommodate larger syringes and allow for horizontal drop to maximize container volume. The translucent lid lets the user monitor content volume to avoid overfilling.

    SiliGentle AG Silver Silicone Foam Dressing

    Soft and adaptable dressings, providing a moist wound environment with an antimicrobial effect and a silver compound. Superior absorption effectively locks away exudate while releasing silver for optimal healing.

    Drinking Cups


    Dynarex Drinking Cups are premium-quality cups made from high-impact polypropylene with durable ribbed centers for easy gripping. These flexible cups are designed to be both sturdy and shatter-resistant for optimal reliability. Ideal for hospitals, dentistry, and office settings.  

    DynaRide Series 1 Wheelchairs



    • Powder-coated steel frame with silver vein finish
    • Black, padded nylon upholstery
    • Equipped with tool-free, adjustable, swing-away footrests with heel loops
    • 24” solid rubber rear wheels feature hand rims and push-lock brakes
    • Precision sealed wheel and caster bearings
    • Available with Fixed Full Arm (10254) or with a removable Desk Length Arm (10255)
    • Weight capacity 300 lb.
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Moisturizing Shampoo and Body Wash


    This soap-free gel with a nourishing lather delivers all-over cleansing and helps moisturize to leave skin feeling soft and silky. Moisturizing Shampoo and Body Wash is a versatile and economical product, suitable for routine bathing, shampooing and hand washing.

    • Rich, conditioning botanical cleanser for the entire body
    • Leaves skin and hair feeling soft and silky
    • Pleasant tropical scent
    • Mild formula to avoid dry skin
    • Rich lather
    • Not made with natural rubber latex

    Reusable Underpads - Green, 30" x 36" 3 pack


    Dynarex Reusable Underpads are high-quality washable pads designed to provide effective protection against fluids and leakage for patients with disabilities and/or chronic incontinence. The Underpads feature a brushed polyester top layer quilted into a polyester/rayon soaker for optimal comfort and absorbency.