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    SiliGentle AG Silver Silicone Foam Dressing

    Manufacturer: Dynarex
    Soft and adaptable dressings, providing a moist wound environment with an antimicrobial effect and a silver compound. Superior absorption effectively locks away exudate while releasing silver for optimal healing.
    SKU: siligentleag

    Dynarex‚Äôs SiliGentle AG Silver Silicone Bordered and Non-Bordered Foam Dressings excel in exudate management and antimicrobial protection. Soft and adaptable, they provide a moist wound environment to help accelerate healing. The silver foam core not only absorbs exudate, but also releases silver ions into the wound bed for an antibacterial effect. Choose this as a primary or secondary dressing for wounds where infection is already established or at risk of re-infection. The highly absorbable foam is suitable for managing leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, second-degree burns, donor sites and partial to full thickness wounds at stages 2, 3 and 4. SiliGentleAG is available with or without a border, in a variety of convenient sizes. The gentle silicone adhesive border provides secure adhesion with a low potential for skin irritation.

    • Soft and conformable, dressing with silver compound, providing an antimicrobial barrier.
    • Suitable for wounds with delayed healing due to bacteria, infection, or wounds at risk of re-infection.
    • The silver foam core absorbs exudate, while releasing silver ions into the wound bed for an antibacterial effect.
    • Vapor-permeable waterproof film and silicone contact layer that is gentle on wounds and moves without losing adherence.
    • High-absorbency dressing used for heavily exuding wounds.
    • Primary or secondary dressing to treat and manage partial- to full-thickness wounds at stages 2, 3, or 4.
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