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    Procare Adult Briefs

    Manufacturer: Procare
    Extra Large

    ProCare Adult Briefsare adultincontinence briefsdesigned for value. The ProCare Briefs are breathable, providing an advanced zoning system for maximum leak protection. Manufactured by First Quality, the ProCare Breathable Briefs are made with fluff polymer filler that provides moderate to heavy absorbency. Flexible leg elastics in the ProCare Briefs allow you to move while still keeping you protected from possible leaks.

    These economical adult briefs come with reattaching lock fasteners that allow you to adjust the fit or your incontinence briefs as the day wears on. Between the adjustable tabs and the varying sizes, users are sure to have the best fit and fewer accidents. ProCare Breathable Briefs are designed as economical adult briefs that are disposable. The adult briefs come in varying sizes and are color-coded to ensure the correct size at a glance.

    The cloth- like exterior allows for an incredibly comfortable fit. It also reduces noise and rustling, making it a subtle and discreet alternative to otheradult diapers. With the breathable material skin stays healthy with reduced rashes and fewer skin abrasions. The briefs also are made with out any rubber latex, making them perfect for those who may deal with latex allergies.

    Product Features and Benefits

    • Disposable
    • Cloth-Like Exterior
    • Flexible Leg Elastics
    • Re-Usable Tabs to Adjust Fit
    • Breathable for Increased Skin Health
    Item # Size Waist Quantity
    CRB-012 Medium 34"-44" 96
    CRB-013 Large 45"-58" 72
    CRB-014 X-Large 59"-64" 60
    CRB-017 XX-Large 62"-73" 48